MaxDB Configuration Guide
Guide to deploying the Datadog MaxDB integration from the Datadog marketplace

The MaxDB integration monitors data and log areas and volumes, caches, sessions, locks, and other metrics for MaxDB instances to ensure the databases are running as they should be. The integration comes with a dashboard which can be filtered by database, as well as database host. The MaxDB integration also comes with monitors for some common metrics that relate to the overall health of the database.

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    MaxDB Connection Check
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    MaxDB State
  3. 3.
    MaxDB Data Volume Usage
  4. 4.
    MaxDB Lock Utilization
  5. 5.
    MaxDB Log Area Usage

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    The DBM CLI utility must be present on the server with the Datadog Agent installed. This may be specific to the version of MaxDB, so make sure the version aligns with the version of the database installed.

Install the MaxDB Integration. Obtain the command to download the agent by activating the free trial in the Marketplace.

To query the MaxDB system tables, as well as get information such as the DB state and uptime, certain permissions must be granted to the monitoring user. For more information, see Server Permissions.
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    Connect to the database and run the following command to create a user and set their password (must have the server permission UserMgm):
    user_create <user>,<password>
  2. 2.
    Grant the newly created user the needed permissions:
    user_put <user> SERVERRIGHTS=+AccessSQL,+DBInfoRead

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    Edit the maxdb.d/conf.yaml file, in the conf.d/ folder at the root of the Agent's configuration directory.
    - hostname: "[email protected]"
    dbmcli: "/opt/sdb/MaxDB/bin/dbmcli"
    username: "datadog"
    password: "datadog"
    database: "DEMODB"
    uptime_enabled: false

Run the Agent's status subcommand and look for maxdb under the Checks section.
Alternatively, you can get detailed information about the integration using the following command.
sudo ‐u dd‐agent datadog‐agent check maxdb

For support or feature requests, contact through the following channels:
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